‘Growing Organically’ Night Class

The ‘Growing Organically’ Night Class runs each Spring and Autumn term as part of the range of Night Classes run by O’Fiaich Institue in Dundalk, Co. Louth.

The night class usually runs on a Wednesday night for 8 weeks duration, from 7.00pm to 9.00pm each Wednesday.

The class is suitable for both beginners and for those with some growing experience and is a practical and hands on way to learn how to start growing your own organic food. The atmosphere in class is relaxed and everyone is encouraged to ask questions and to share their growing experiences. I provide handouts and articles on the topics we cover each week as well as some free seeds for students to take home.

The course content includes the following :

Course Outline:  

Week Number

1.Introduction to Organic Growing and overview of agricultural and environmental issues today.

2. Seeds – best seeds for your garden, organic seed suppliers, how to save your own seeds at home, Open Pollinated & F1 seeds, free seeds to take home.

3. How to prepare and care for your soil, what materials to add, how to build a No Dig Bed and create a stale seed bed, Green Manures & how to use them.

4. Different types of compost, seed sowing techniques and downfalls, keeping a planting diary, what to sow/plant now in the garden, potting on seedlings.

5. The Vegetable Families and Crop Rotation, what soil conditions are required for different crops, common diseases within the various Vegetable Families and how to control them, how to make your own organic feeds.

6. How to make your own compost at home, best composting systems, ingredients for good compost, building a compost heap, Hot Bins, wormeries.

7, Pest prevention, crop protection, companion planting, how to attract beneficial insects into your garden, improving biodiversity and sustainability in your garden and local community.

Course Outcomes:  Over the 8 weeks of this course you will gain the ability to start growing your own organic food or improve your organic growing techniques. You will also gain a greater understanding of the modern food production system and the many benefits of growing your own food, improvingbiodiversity and sustainability for yourself and your family/community.

To enrol on the class please visit https://www.louthnightclasses.ie/index.php/o-fiaich-institute/hobby-courses